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 Sorcerer application

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PostSubject: Sorcerer application   Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:19 pm

Name : Michal

Character name : Ranelia (my old wow avatar name i am guy but i get used to that nick when i play mmo)

Level : 50

Class : Sith Sorcerer

Main spec : I was playing mainly dps lightning, but when i respec and go though hm i think i can heal too.

Gear :( green/blue/epic pvp or pve) full collumi tier set, rakata accessory from daily q and some from synth

Swtor Experience: i was playing 2 months when game launched on server Toth Daneta but when i already start xp my char the server wasnt heavy populated and population went down every week we cant make even raid group properly so i stop my subs becouse i liked the game but i like my avatar too and there were no transfers at the time. Now i resub and want some pve fun and challenge in raids.

Flashpoints: i went through all except LI

Eternity Vault i was there once on normal to the end Smile

Hutt Hospitalityi was twice to the third boss.

Other MMORPg experience: WoW 2 years on privat server progress SSC, TK, MH, BT, SP(not full )

When can you raid? Depends on my free time i am in work process and my shifts ussualy end at 20 CEST and i am home like 21 CEST i can raid like to 24 CEST, but i dont think i have to be on all raids but when i attend i want to play my best. My shifts r unpredictable i can have like 3 free days thought everyday or 5 day in row work to 21... so i can attend during week too but no regulary.

Can you use TS or ventrilo? Np i think i understand eng quite well , depends on dialect Smile but my pronounciations is kinda crap.

Why do you want to join us, why we should accept u instead another sorcerer? tell us something about you? I want to join you becouse i had quite long chat with Puresex and u seems to guild with quite alot pve action and i like pve. I live in Prague and work for Telefonica, 25 years old. I admit i am not so experienced in boss mechanics now but i will learn fast, i just want to be part something bigger than just random pve fail groups Smile I like my char very much i have only 1 alt lvl 20 around on Republic side but i dont play him much. Ty for ur time reading all this and sorry for all grammar mistakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Sorcerer application   Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:52 am

Hi Ranelia

Thank you for your application. We'll take this into consideration and contact you soon.
If you don't hear from us in the next 12 hours, please contact us !

Best Regards
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Sorcerer application
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