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 Namora - Mercenary DPS BiS

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PostSubject: Namora - Mercenary DPS BiS   Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:31 am

Sascha (22)


Level 50


DPS (Respec to HEAL possible)

BiS DPS ( I mean it as I say it ) - Heal gear ( 6 Modifications away from BiS)

I have done every Flashpoint and Operation available on Empire side. Cleared every Ops on highest difficulty in 8 men Ops and all but EC HM in 16 men (EC HM 16 1/4). Nightmare Pilgrim killed as well.

Before I came to SWTOR I played about 5,5 years of World of Warcraft. My character back then was a Druid, whom I playedd on every spec over the time. I cleared all content but ICC 25 men on highest difficulty before I quit. I played Arena pretty successfully given our only 8 server realmpool ( 2v2 - 2400 ; 3v3 2200 ish - both as Heal)

I can raid basicly every day almost every time - although Id prefer something around 18.00 - 00.00 CEST.
I have TS, Ventrilo and Mumble as well as working microphone.
My PC hardware is Up to date ( recently took care of ~2 months ago) as well as my Internet connection (32000kbs).
As I am Biochem Stims, Adrenals and MedPacks wont be an issue. If new content is hitting anytime soon I also got a supply of Exotech Stims for at least a few weeks ready.

Id like to join your ranks because I am looking for an exceptional raiding guild and you were recommended to me by Arkat, former guild mate of mine.
I like to tell myself I am indeed an exceptional player and always push myself and my character to the limits. It may seen as a flaw but I expect other people to at least try and do the same. I also think for myself and if I see room for improvement I dont have a problem speaking up. Here shall also be said that I occasionally make use the rhetorical tool going by the name of "sarcasm" - which is the main reason I "was left" out of my old guild - one of the officers had a hard time getting it and took every word dead serious - this and few made up reasons and I was gone without a warning shot. So in case I was to accepted just tell me straight when to shut up and I am pretty sure I can manage Wink .

Hoping for a soon reply,

Greetings Sascha aka Namora

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Namora - Mercenary DPS BiS
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